Membership Information

OMCE members represent the broad spectrum of Managerial and Confidential employees who work in various state agencies and locations throughout the State. Members are career public servants committed to dedicating their energy and skills to providing quality services to the people of New York State. Managerial and Confidential employees who work for local government are also eligible to join OMCE.

OMCE has 3 membership classes:

Regular members are governmental employees whose positions are designated managerial or confidential.

Affiliate membership is open to any person serving in or working for the New York State Legislature or as a New York State government contract employee. Membership is limited to participation in OMCE sponsored benefit programs.

Associate members are any retired governmental employee within New York State whose last position was designated managerial or confidential, and any former regular member of OMCE.

Dues are, as follows:

Regular        M/C-22 and below: $14.25 bi-weekly; M/C-23 and above: $24.50 bi-weekly
Affiliate        Salary Less than $50,000: $185.25 annually; Salary $50,000 and above: $318.50 annually
Associate    $45 per year

Dues may be paid by payroll deduction, check, credit or debit card.* Members are welcome to attend Board meetings and increase their involvement with OMCE by joining a committee or serving as a member of our lobbying team or "key contact person" network.

Fill out and submit printable Membership Enrollment Application.


*Clicking the "credit or debit card" link will take you to our new online PayPal payment feature.