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Join Us For a Meal

Attention MC's OMCE Members and Non-Members

You are invited to an OMCE M/C Issues meeting to hear about OMCE's M/C compensation initiatives, the 2019-20 NYS Budget and our 2019 Legislative Priorities.

There will be 2 meetings in the Capital District, you can attend either event but ACT fast because they will reach seating capacity quickly.

Monday, February 25, 2019 - 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Dinner Meeting - Italian American Community Center, 257 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany
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Buca Buffet will be served - attendance capacity  will be limited to 50.

Please Call 1-800-828-6623 to reserve your spot at one of these events.
(In case of inclement weather call OMCE regarding possible re-scheduling. Email and call will be sent if event is cancelled due to inclement weather.)

Join Us For a Meal

Attention MC's OMCE Members and Non-Members

You are invited to an OMCE M/C Issues meeting to hear about OMCE's M/C compensation initiatives, the 2019-20 NYS Budget and our 2019 Legislative Priorities.

There will be 2 meetings in the greater NYC/Ling Island area, you can attend either event but ACT fast because they will reach seating capacity quickly.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Dinner Meeting - Islandia Buffet, 1704 Veterans Memorial Highway, Islandia, NY.


Wednesday March, 20, 2019 - Noon - 1:30 pm
Luncheon Meeting - The White Horse Tavern, 25 Bridge Street, New York, NY.

Please Call 1-800-828-6623 to reserve your spot at one of these events.
(In case of inclement weather call OMCE regarding possible re-scheduling. Email and call will be sent if event is cancelled due to inclement weather.)



OMCE Testimony Before the Joint Legislative Budget Committee - 2/4/2019

Click Here for Full Testimony

OMCE Retiree Dental  - Increase Postponed!

Sometimes it Pays to Complain!

Due to Logistics and fair notice issues the Metropolitan Dental Increase will not occur. Anyone charged the increased rate will be given either a credit on their February Bill (Automatic Withdrawal Clients) and a refund check will be issued to those who pay directly by written check.    

Rates will increase in September 2019. The August billing is for September at the increased rate.


IRMAA (Medicare Part B - Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount)


Claim Form:



Take Action Now.. The Retiree Health Insurance You Save May Be Yours

The proposed Executive budget once again seeks to freeze (@$135.50) or end Medicare reimbursement (IRMAA)and create a multi-tiered retiree health insurance cost structure for post 4/1/2019 new hires..Please OPPOSE these changes.. click here.. to TAKE ACTION NOW!






Part A -Implement Differential Health Care Premium Contributions for New Civilian Hires at Retirement Based on Years of Service. Currently, the taxpayer cost for a retiree with 10 years or more of service is the same as that for a retiree with 30 years of service. Under this proposal, similar to the calculation for pension benefits, taxpayer support for new civilian hires at retirement would vary based on years of service. Those retiring with less than 30 years of service would receive a taxpayer subsidy which is less than that for retirees with 30 or more years of service. Subsidies begin at 10 years of service and gradually increase until they are no different than current levels once an individual reaches 30 years of service. This change will be fully implemented for post April 1, 2019 civilian hires in approximately 30 years once the current retiree group is largely replaced. (emphasis added)

Part B – Cease reimbursement of the Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts to high income State retirees. Purpose: This bill would eliminate automatic State reimbursement of the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA) to high income State retirees.

Effective January 1, 2019, with savings beginning in January 2019, elimination of the extra IRMAA subsidy provided to roughly 7,000 IRMAA participants would save $12M annually and reduce unfunded Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) liabilities by roughly $360M. This bill would take effect on January 1, 2019 for premiums incurred on or after January 1, 2019.

Part C –Medicare Part B standard premium for eligible State NYSHIP retirees and their dependents at the 2019 level of $135.50 per month. This bill would amend section 167-a of the Civil Service Law to provide that, effective April 1, 2019, State reimbursement to eligible retirees and their dependents for the Medicare Part B standard premium shall not exceed $135.50 per month.


Part A This creates a dual system for civilian state employees hired after April 1, 2019 and their costs for retiree health insurance for themselves and/or dependents.  Another attempt to alter the method on how the State shifts retiree health insurance costs back to the State retiree.  However to make it more “palatable” this time the approach singles out “new hires after April 1, 2019 for the increased retiree health insurance costs.  OMCE is opposed to this cost shifting.  Industry experts indicate that this year an average 5% increase in health insurance costs is anticipated.  NYS NYSHIP rates are showing a 2.8% increase.  The fact that the increase is .8% above the Executive’s self-imposed 2% spending cap continues to unleash this need to squeeze retirees for more contributions.  The fact remains that the State will continue to enjoy the billions in health insurance savings it receives from having Medicare retirees utilizing Medicare as the primary insurance and the NYSHIP as the secondary insurer.  Such a proposed plan hints that current State employees and retirees might be willing to sacrifice a hard won and protected benefit for future hires. OMCE is urging all in the labor movement to oppose the creation of another “dual benefit” structure. 

PART B  This proposal ends the IRMMA reimbursement starting this January 1, 2019

This proposed budget once again revisits the cost shifting of retiree health care. IRMMA ( Income Related Monthly Medicare Adjustment) participants are cast as “scapegoats” receiving something special rather than receiving a hard won court tested benefit that ALL original Medicare employee expenses ( Part D was not part of the original Medicare) are reimbursable under Section 167A of Civil Service Law.  The State continues to discount the Savings earned by Medicare being the first payor of retiree/Medicare recipients expenses prior to NYSHIP.

Part C  This creates a maximum Medicare reimbursement of $135.50 per month.

Section 167A of Civil Service Law would be changed to create this reimbursement rate.  If Medicare Part B costs increase for the employee by change in the Federal rate then the State’s reimbursement is frozen at the $135.50 level.  

Over 50 years of savings to the taxpayers are conveniently overlooked by this proposal. Billions have been saved by having Medicare serve as the primary health insurer for the eligible State retirees with the NYSHIP serving a secondary role. The overall 2.8% NYSHIP increased cost falls far short of the national average shown as 5%.   This is a 50+ year reimbursement that is part of the NYS employee benefits. foundation that allows the State to couple Medicare with the NYSHIP resulting in savings for the State when compared with the expenses projected without Medicare insurance absorption of the majority of these retiree charges.

OMCE will join with all other public sector AFL-CIO affiliated unions and others to fight these changes..AGAIN!!


Direct billed member/participants are getting a rate increase notification letter.

While insurance increases are actuarial driven and often anticipated, it is the lack of subscriber contact that is most troubling.   

OMCE is announcing the revised rates to all new potential subscribers and believed that Met was contacting all currently enrolled about the increase so that they could plan accordingly.  This was not done for those with "ACH withdrawals" and for that we apologize.  

We are for the most part members are happy with this extensive dental program but NOT with the unannounced increase.  We are currently negotiating with EMBLEM health for a "no annual limit" plan that offers a similar network with affordability.  This plan like the current MET one is designed to help control costs for those with serious dental health needs and not for those who just desire routine dental care. 



New York Paid Family Leave is insurance that may be funded by employees through payroll deductions. Public employers may choose to participate in PFL and those that choose to do so must bargain that participation with their collective bargaining units. Most Executive Branch M/C employees are mandated participants in PFL.  Private sector employers/employees participation is mandated.

Increased benefits have resulted in increased employee deductions.

In 2019, the contribution is 0.153% of an employee’s gross wages each pay period. The maximum annual contribution is $107.97 ( $4.15 per bi-weekly pay.)

Eligible employees can now take up to 10 weeks of Paid Family Leave (PFL) in 2019 for eligible family

The weekly PFL benefit is capped at 55% of the New York State average weekly wage, which for 2019 is $746.41.

Recent legislation expanding PFL to include Bereavement Leave was  VETOED by Governor Cuomo.

You are allowed to “opt out” of PFL if you are retiring within 6 months. If you “opt-out” and do not retire you will need to pay the deduction plus interest. 

Visit  https://paidfamilyleave.ny.gov/ for “opt out” and other PFL information.  



2019 Scholarship Applications

2019 OPEIU Scholarship application links will be posted in January 2019.   
Union Plus Scholarship Application is available now and deadline is January 31, 2019 (click here)




2019 Employee Benefit Changes for Retirees

Please see all changes (PDF)



On November 14, 2018 OMCE President Barbara Zaron and Executive Director Joe Sano met with Mike Volforte, Director, GOER and Lynda Scalzo, M/C Issues Associate, GOER.

Since the State and some state-wide labor organizations have reached agreements on new contracts, the entire parity issue for MCs was again addressed. We have addressed our issues with the Assembly leadership and the incoming leadership of the NYS Senate.. We will continue to make our needs known to all.

We believe that continuing M/C parity with the bargaining unit employee salary schedules dictates that MCs get no less than at least the same COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) increases delineated in the next series of "pay bills" won or to be approved by the bargaining units. Currently that is 2%.

If this is not accomplished the Administration’s announced goal of fair treatment and continuing M/C pay parity will never be achieved.

Additionally, we stressed the following:

We welcome the continuing opportunity to share our input and ideas on the anticipated upcoming NYS budget and the need to address the challenging and ongoing MC parity issues.  Now, when the proposed Executive Budget is being finalized and prior to the inauguration of the next Legislative Session, is the optimum time for such meetings. 


OMCE Working for M/C Employees

As published in The Chief/Civil Service Leader, New York, NY November 16, 2018

November 2018 • Barbara Zaron, President

The Organization of NYS Management/Confidential Employees (OMCE) al though not subject to the Janus' decision has closely followed the case, Court De cision and resulting impact.

OMCE is the labor organi zation created by and for M/C employees who are not per mitted by the Taylor Law to be represented by an employ er organization in collective bargaining negotiations. For over 42 years OMCE has worked for New York States' M/C workforce to ensure they receive the pay and benefits equity received by other mem bers of NY States' workforce & we earn our members trust- and their dues payments—by working for them every day.

OMCE's activities include providing representation in Civil Service Law Section 75 discipline matters and all employment-based investi gations; ensuring payment of M/C Performance Advances, Longevity Payments and General Salary increases, advocating for M/C pay pari ty for all including retirees; defending retired and active employees health benefits against annual attacks, mon itoring and taking action when needed re: The NYS Employees Retirement Sys tem, and state agencies and programs.

In preparing for the 2019—2020 budget and leg islative session—OMCE has proposed to the Budget Di rector and Director of GOER that the following proposals be included in the budget:
1) Provide for M/C's gener al salary increases—mini mum 2% for each fiscal year—2019-20, 2020-2021, 2021-2022 to avoid salary compression with those they supervise.
2) Reestablish Vacation Exchange program to allow M/C employees the opportu nity to cash in up to 10 days of accumulated annual leave.
3) Create longevity steps for M/C employees at grade 18 and above. Currently only M/C's at G 17 and below are eligible for longevity pay ments—salary compression is a significant issue and pro viding longevity payments at 5,10 and 15 years at job rate would help alleviate that problem.
4) Create an "Opt Out" for the Income Protection Plan (IPP) M/C's currently accrue 8 days of sick leave rather than 13 days per year that other state employees ac crue. Those that choose to "Opt Out" would go back to the full accruals of 13 days per year and the use of half paid sick leave as defined in the attendance rules.
5) Implement a Succession Planning Initiative similar to that used by the Federal Government the last five years.
6) Retiree Pay Parity: While we have been success ful in restoring for active M/C employees the 2009 and 2010 withheld 7 percent gen eral salary increases, there are M/C's now retired who were unable to receive any, or minimal restoration of that pay. We plan to re-introduce legislation that would pro vide a minimum restoration of $70 per each month the re tiree worked without receipt of the 2009-2010 7 percent monies with a maximum $5000 award as a minimal recompense for the never paid increases.

In addition, OMCE offers a broad spectrum of voluntary benefits for our members.



Medicare managers announced last week that they will hold increases in Medicare Part B premiums to about 1.1 percent for most enrollees in 2019. For some high-income enrollees, however, premiums will rise 7.4 percent. Medicare Part B is the component of the traditional Medicare program that covers physician services and hospital outpatient care.

Here's a look at how the monthly Part B premiums will change, by annual income level:

The annual Medicare Part B deductible will increase 1.1 percent, to $185.

Why are high earners paying so much more for Medicare Part B?

Congress has been increasing the share of Medicare costs that high earners pay in recent years. ( Often referred to as IRMMAA payers (Income Related Monthly Medicare Adjustment Act)

For 2018, the top annual income category for Medicare Part B rate-setting purposes was for $160,000 and over for individuals, and for $320,000 and over for couples. Premiums from those Medicare Part B enrollees are supposed to cover 80 percent of their Part B claims.

In the Balanced Budget Act of 2018, Congress added a new annual income category: for individuals earning $500,000 or more and couples earning $750,000 or more. Premiums from Part B enrollees in that income category are supposed to cover 85 percent of those enrollees' Part B claims. How do the Medicare increases compare with the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)?

The Social Security Administration recently announced that the 2019 Social Security COLA will be 2.8 percent.That means the size of the COLA will be greater than the increase in Medicare premiums for all Medicare enrollees other than the highest-income Medicare Part B enrollees and the enrollees who pay the full cost of the Medicare Part A premiums.


ATTENTION Members and Retirees
Matter of Merton Simpson v. Department of Civil Service

Current or former New York State employees who are African-American or Hispanic may be entitled to part of settlement proceeds from the Matter of Merton Simpson v. Department of Civil Service.   

The New York State Department of Civil Service administered a test called the promotion test battery from 1996 to 2006.  A similar test was utilized in 1996 for some open competitive titles.   

It was alleged that the tests had a disparate impact on African-American and Hispanic test-takers in a class action federal lawsuit named Merton Simpson et al. v. Department of Civil Service et al.   

List of individuals owed a monetary award 
Settled in 2011, the case resulted in monetary awards to class members. Individuals who never claimed their awards can be found at:    https://www.osc.state.ny.us/ouf/files/settlement.pdf

If you’re on the list, contact Attorney General’s Litigation Bureau at (518) 776-2300 to learn if you’re entitled to an award and how to claim it.


Reminder: OPEIU/OMCE Free College Benefit  Application Deadline is Aug. 22

Don't miss out. Apply Today.

Your union is pleased to offer members access to free college through the OPEIU Free College Benefit, so you and your family (spouse, children, grandchildren and stepchildren are included) can earn an accredited, transferable associate degree with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Please check with your college of choice to validate that course credit will be accepted for transfer.   OMCE active and retired members are members of OPEIU Local 153.

Don’t be left behind! Check out the details at FreeCollege.OPEIU.org or call 888-590-9009 to talk to an advisor today.

Start the Fall right by making your education a top priority. The Fall 2018 semester enrollment ends Aug. 22

Complete information and enrollment details are available at FreeCollege.OPEIU.org or by calling 888-590-9009.

This benefit is not currently available in Canada, but OPEIU has made arrangements to cover our Canadian members on a case-by-case basis. Canadian members please contact Luis Rosa at lrosa@EGCC.edu for more information and to apply. Spaces are limited.

We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable new OPEIU/OMCE membership benefit. It pays to belong to OMCE/OPEIU!






Working Advantage    https://www.workingadvantage.com  Is a web based member service (call/email OMCE  ( 800 828 6623 nysomce@gmail.com) for your passcode if you don’t have it).

Working Advantage offers discounted tickets to DISNEY theme parks, all major national amusement parks, water parks, and through their "Preferred Access™ tickets" you can find great seats to your sporting events, concerts, theater and more!  (Ski resorts during the winter months too!)

Preferred Access™ tickets are available for most high-demand tickets for concerts, college and professional sports and major events around the world. 

Please note that Preferred Access™ tickets are sourced through a variety of ticket sellers who determine the prices which may be above or below the face value of the tickets. Working Advantage does not markup these tickets and therefore they may be typically less expensive then purchasing them from other sites.  They will often have last minute deals on unsold tickets as well for ALL types of events.










2018 Scholarship Winners Announced   …It Pays to Belong!

2018 OPEIU Howard Coughlin Scholarship Award Winner Will Carmello accepts his $6500 national award from OMCE President Barbara Zaron. Pictured are (l-r) President Zaron, Mr. Will Carmello  , Mr. William Carmello (member) and OMCE Executive Director Joe Sano OMCE also awarded runner -up scholarships funded by M3 Technology Inc. of $250 to Jamil Alexander (Clark Alexander member), Claire Carmello (William Carmello member), Corey Chevren (Michael Chevren member), Morgan Connelly (Kevin Connelly member), Mariya James (Gimal James member) Michael and Nicholas Miliano (Michael Miliano member) and Christopher Munoz (Cheryl Munoz member). Congratulations to all OPEIU/OMCE scholarship winners and their families.  Please check our website and the Member Benefit section for updated 2019 Union Plus and OPEIU scholarship information as it is announced.



FYI  Primary and Election Day Participation

We urge everyone to vote in the upcoming September 13 primaries and November 6, general elections. Information on mail registration, in-person registration, change of address, absentee ballot and change of party enrollment is available at www.elections.ny.gov




The Governor's Office of Employee Relations has advised us that floating holidays have been designated in lieu of fixed holidays for Election Day, 2018, and Lincoln's Birthday, 2019. State offices will be open on Election Day, November 6, 2018 and Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12, 2019. Managerial/Confidential employees will on each of those dates receive credit for a holiday to be used on a date of their choice.. The credit(s) for these two floating holidays will be carried as separate entries on time records and will not be merged with holiday leave or holiday compensatory time. Floating holiday credit may be charged in quarter-hour units (or smaller units pursuant to local agreements). Each floating holiday must be used by November 4, 2019, and February 11, 2020, respectively. For employees in the above units, therefore, November 6, 2018 and February 12, 2019, will not be observed as holidays and are to be treated as regular workdays.  Please consult the updated Attendance and Leave Manual if further clarification is needed.


The MC Retiree Parity Bill did not pass in this year’s legislative session. The Senate version received quick attention and was awaiting passage in the Senate (on Third Reading). Meanwhile the Assembly version (A10093) languished at the hands of Assembly Program Counsel who called for a single word change (“…all “such” retirees….” Counsel wanted the word “such” removed). This was quickly done in the Senate version creating S7771A, but the Assembly rules called for a new amended version (A10909) to be resubmitted to committee for consideration.

Based on our information the Governor’s office indicated that if the Bill passed it would be vetoed since NO SPECIFIC funding was in the budget even though funds are allocated for such settlements. Thus, the Senate held final action knowing that the Assembly leadership had bowed to Executive pressure.

We appreciate the efforts of Senator Young (Senate Finance Chair) and Assembly Member Patricia Fahy for her efforts to keep our bill alive and resubmitted. The session ended before any opportunity to move the Assembly version could be championed.

The OMCE Board has directed that this issue must never be forgotten.  Our progress in the Senate must be duplicated in the Assembly and result in a final passed bill if we cannot convince the Governor to provide budget funding.

S7771 and A10093/A 10909 will be resubmitted to ALL for budget inclusion and as a stand-alone bill in 2019-20.



Parity Bill for Retirees IS Moving !


Albany Monday May 14, 2018: The State Senate today moved S7771 out of committee and directly to a floor Calendar (# 1165). A Senate vote can be imminent.

The Assembly is slated to move their version, A10093 on Tuesday May 15 out of committee and hopefully to Ways and Means/or the Rules Committee and then to a Floor (Action) Calendar.

Keep those electronic letters coming. (See below and click on text) They do get counted and reported!

TAKE ACTION NOW!  The injustice and financial harm caused by the 2009-10 salary withholds, continues to plague many MC retirees and those retiring in the near future. A10093/S7771 will begin to bring some relief to those who never received any restoration or limited restoration of what they were promised and lost.




4/19/18---OMCE 2018 Board of Directors Nominations Open

Each year at this time we begin looking for OMCE members who may be interested in serving on the OMCE Board of Directors. There are five seats to be filled this year, each for a three-year term.

The process is easy and simple since a member can self-nominate. Just submit your resume, a letter stating your interest to run for a Board seat and a statement that can be used for the ballot, describing your background, the issues and priorities you would want to focus on as a Board member and why members should choose you. Nominations are reviewed by the Nomination Committee members who will present a slate of nominees to the OMCE Board and, if needed, arrange for the mail ballot. Nominations, via email or regular mail, must be received in the OMCE office no later than June 6, 2018.

Board members are expected to participate in four Board meetings per year (March, June, September/October, December) in person or by phone and to serve on at least one committee. Board members are not paid to serve on the Board; travel expenses are reimbursed at state rates.

OMCE is an organization of, by and for M/C employees who choose to join, since designation as an M/C does not mean automatic enrollment as an OMCE member. OMCE officers and committee members are all volunteers for these positions.

We need active working state M/C employees who are interested in being leaders in the fight to improve the working conditions of M/C employees and to ensure their rights and benefits are protected.

For additional information, contact OMCE at nysomce@gmail.com, 518-456-5241, or from outside area code 518, at 1-800-828-6623.


TAKE ACTION NOW!  The injustice and financial harm caused by the 2009-10 salary withholds, continues to plague many MC retirees and those retiring in the near future. A10093/S7771 will begin to bring some relief to those who never received any restoration or limited restoration of what they were promised and lost.


Albany, NY   4/13/2018

As anticipated the 2018-2019 Budget Bulletin authorizing MC Salary Increases has arrived. Budget Bulletin D-1137 (https://www.budget.ny.gov/guide/bprm/bulletins/d-1137.pdf) spells out the details of these payments.  The main points are:

Please contact OMCE if you have any questions regarding the Bulletin or your salary determination. The Comptroller’s office will be issuing companion Payroll Bulletins shortly.  







(Click Here) To send a letter to your Senator and Assemblymember




2018 OPEIU Scholarship Program Applications Are Now Available

Please go to the following site to obtain your OPEIU scholarship application(s) for the specific OPEIU scholarship program of your choice


Please submit your application to OMCE by Friday March 23, 2018 (for membership verification and Officer Signature). OMCE will validate all submissions and forward them to OPEIU. Any applications sent directly to OPEIU may be returned since they will not be verified by OMCE.

Our Address:
5 Pine West Plaza suite # 513
Albany, NY 12205




 IRMAA Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount Reimbursement Form Available

The Fight to Retain Reimbursement Levels Begins Anew

In his proposed 2018-2019 Executive Budget the Governor seeks to end reimbursement for the additional cost of Medicare paid by those deemed to be IRMAA (Income Related) Medicare participants. This is the 4th time the Executive has sought to end this reimbursement since we sustained the right to this reimbursement through the courts.  We are once again opposed ( click here to see OMCE Testimony ) to any reduction in reimbursement for IRMAA recipients as well as to the budget proposal to cap overall Medicare reimbursement at current payment levels ($134 per month for most Medicare eligible). The State has saved billions over the 40+ years since the creation of Medicare by having it serve as the primary health insurance for State retirees with the NYSHIP plan as the secondary coverage.

Regardless the Civil Service Department has mailed IRMAA forms to all previous filers and we have listed the links below for any seeking additional forms or who are now eligible to file for this additional reimbursement.  It is safe to assume that these will not be processed until the conclusion of budget negotiations and a new state budget has begun, hopefully with no changes to any Medicare reimbursements. As the Budget process moves forward we will have “electronic letters” available for you to send which will protest these proposals.


Reimbursement Notice of Medicare Part B Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)

IRMAA Reimbursement Request Application