CIVIL SERVICE  PREPS TO EXPAND PCO (Professional  Career Opportunities) EXAM

The Department of Civil Service has undertaken a major project for the Professional Career Opportunities (PCO) examination program for entry-level professional titles.  OMCE is a steadfast supporter and promoter of the merit system through the use of appropriate competitive examination.

First held in 2014, the PCO introduced a new selection tool designed to recruit and select college graduates for public service in more than 100 entry-level, professional job titles throughout the State.

The Department is now seeking to solidify and expand the program. The Department contracted with the consulting firm, APTMetrics, Inc. (APT), to conduct a job analysis of State, entry-level, professional titles. The job analysis study is designed to provide a better understanding of the work requirements of these titles at the trainee and full-performance levels and is essential to the expansion of the PCO examination program.

Over the last few months, Department and APT staff have reviewed documentation on the jobs included in the study and conducted Focus Groups of employees and supervisors to discuss job Tasks and Competencies (related areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities). The information collected was used to create an online job analysis survey, which is scheduled to launch February 23, 2016. Nearly 6,000 employees and supervisors of employees in these job titles are being invited to participate in the survey by completing and submitting an online questionnaire by March 8, 2016.

If you are asked to participate you may direct your questions to the following websites established to assist you: - for questions or problems related to accessing the surveyor instructions for completing the survey, participants should contact APT Metrics Customer Support at this email address. Please identify NYS Job Analysis in the subject line and include your name, title, agency, work location, and a description of the question or problem in the email. - for questions about the purpose of the job analysis study or why a participant was selected to complete the survey, participants should contact the NYS Department of Civil Service PCO project team at this email address. Please identify the question topic in the subject line and include your name, title, agency, work location and a description of the question in the email.

Members are welcome to contact OMCE with concerns or issues regarding this project.